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We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of the leather jackets from Pakistan

About trisis Leather

Started in 2013 from a small room with concept to align the leather apparel industry to latest trends specially for online retailers. A dedicated team of professionals is continuously busy in developing new concepts align to latest fashions.

In 2018, we backwardly integrated via dedicated tannery partnerships at various places. We buy majority of leather in dry salted/pickle/wet blue condition (sheep, goat, cow & buffallo) and finish these leathers in our and other tanneries as per the order requirements. We have two tannery partnerships. We also import different finished leathers from France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, China, and Japan.

Our mission is to providing great quality outerwear. Today, each piece is created with a new vision in the works, by proficient craftsmen using modern production techniques with amalgamation of traditional skills.

Our services

Trisis Leathers services are aided with latest technologies through its competent professionals and setting new benchmark in the industry. We take pride in being a design led organization and have vast strength to keep abreast with latest fashion trends in the market. Cutting edge technology, modern infrastructure and innovation in designing are some of the features that describe Trisis Leathers as an upcoming pioneer in the field of leather garment and Accessories Industry.


Dedicated Design Team

A team of experienced design proffessionals updated with latest fashion trends.



Experienced Patteren Masters are part of our team to make a perfect fit for our customers.




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Office: P-1088/A, Factory Area, Lall Mill Chowk, Faisalabad (38000), Pakistan

Factory: P-310 Lahore-Sheikhupura-Faisalabad Road, Hajiabad, Faisalabad (38000)
Punjab, Pakistan